Esperanza Rising: The House On Mango Street

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You can't imagine how hard people had it during the great the depression? Well, Esperanza couldn't either until she got a taste of the hardship in the book, “Esperanza Rising.” Where young Esperanza went through a lot of personal growth after a series of events. These events lead up to her going from riches to rags. Esperanza’s experiences changed her and flipped her world upside down, in a good way.

Throughout the book, Esperanza’s experiences and hardships help her grow a lot, attitude wise. To paint a picture for you, Esperanza thought of Miguel as just a very close family servant therefore, her attitude towards him was very neutral. As she got to know him her attitude changed. Martha on the other hand had a very rude attitude towards Esperanza ,so the feeling was mutual. As time went on, she understood why Martha was causing trouble in the camps, and her attitude became somewhat
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At one point, a young girl wanted to touch Esperanza's doll ,but Esperanza thought she was dirty so Esperanza didn't let her touch it. Her mother seemed very angry, and at the time Esperanza didn't know why. As the situation progressed Esperanza understood that what she did was wrong. When Esperanza was wealthy she didn't really think about how hard it was for the people who got deported from the camps. So she didn't really care about those people, but as Esperanza had to live the lifestyle of fear for deportation, she felt bad for the people who were deported.

To sum it all up, Esperanza went from riches to rags, bratty to well behaved, and from not working at all to working very hard thanks to her experiences throughout the book. Looks like being poor was more beneficial than being rich. I think kids nowadays could learn a thing or two from Esperanza about working hard, not having an attitude, and respecting/ helping people not as wealthy as
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