Esperanza's 'Illusions In The House On Mango Street'

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1. Esperanza doesn’t go with her family on their Sunday outings because she is ashamed. She doesn’t want to be starting out of a window like hungry people.
2. The metaphor that is used to represent the separation between the rich and the poor is that the rich will have their own big houses. And the poor will have a small house with squeaking floorboards.
3. The thing that Esperanza is at war is that she believes that she has no power of her own, so she decides to play with different gender roles.
4. Esperanza 's mom confesses that she quit school when she was young because she didn 't have nice clothes to wear to school. She still believes she was a smart cookie because she was smart and had a brain.
5. Esperanza tries to help Sally by saving her by the red clowns. When Esperanza tried to help her, Sally lied to her.
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6. Esperanza doesn’t like to play in the monkey garden anymore because the boys made her feel crazy and ashamed.
7. Illusion is something that looks or seems different from what it really is. The illusions of Esperanza’s were shattered is that the carnival was fun and
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