Esperanza's Place In House On Mango Street

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The story takes place In a Latino neighborhood. Even though this story is called. House on Mango Street the majority of the story takes place around other parts of the neighborhood. Esperanza describes her house as not a nice place. In the first chapter she quotes “Its small and red with tight steps in front and windows so small.. Bricks crumbling.. I knew I had then I had I had to have house. A real house” In the first chapter, Cardenas exposes the reader to this house, which is supposed to have this image of being terrible, broken and not fit for living. Which is important because it effects Esperanza. She sees this, her house as not her home and is determine to find a real one. Esperanza house being awful affects her because she is determine to find a real one. Also because the house is not what Esperanza pictured, it affects structure. Since the majority of the story does not take place in house in Mango…show more content…
This happens to be at her job. In the chapter “The First Job” when she quotes next time go to the lunchroom.. he grabs my face with both hands and kisses me hard on the mouth and doesn’t let go.” In this scene we see that Esperanza is vulnerable and at a disadvantage not just because of the coworker that forcefully kisses but because of her setting. Unlike the other places where setting takes place where its usually around the neighborhood this was takes place in “Peter Pan Photo Finishers on North Broadway” According to Esperanza. The point is she is in a new pace. A place where her friends and family are not, and she is new to this place and uncomfortable. As explained throughout the book, she eats alone because she is shy. However because of the setting of the locker room, her friends and family aren’t their to protect. So she is at a disadvantage and vulnerable because of this. Its not just the coworker that affects her , but the area its
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