Esperanza's Tragic Experiences In The House On Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street creates an interesting point of view of tragic experiences involving Esperanza and her life. This story expresses interesting thoughts about Esperanza as a normal teenage girl. Esperanza wants to experience new things and she is trying to define herself. She thinks about many things and can't keep focused on what she wants. Like most teenagers, Esperanza is lost and makes stupid decisions sometimes. As a young teenager, Esperanza Made dumb decision when she kiss the old man at her job. Also she listened to Sally’s poor advice and she got raped her innocence ended. She realised that that you can't trust everyone. Esperanza began to learn from her mistakes. She is learning what to do if she got into a bad situation…show more content…
In The House On Mango Street Esperance was so desperate she actually paid someone to be her friend. A true friend can be bought. Esperanza had a major problem finding a good friend and seemed to be desperate for one. Esperanza expected a perfect friend because she thought most people were perfect. Some of the friends that Esperanza chose were not trustworthy, and kind. You can't always trust somebody that you don't know. Good friends are formed from great experiences, commonalities and building great relationship. From the rapes Esperanza and Sally learned that you can't trust everybody. Sally appeared to enjoy getting raped because she told Esperienza to do the same. Initially Esperanza wanted to have a family but after her rape experience her goals changed to be indepent. Esperanza's goal where changed when she spoke with the three sisters who encouraged her and told her she will be something one day. After meeting with three sisters she was convinced to come back on Mango Street to improve the neighborhood. In conclusion The House on Mango Street taught me many life principles. Firstly, everybody you meet are not alway trust worthy. Secondly, doing the right things can make a big difference in your life. Thirdly, a good friend is a true friend. Fourthly, you need to overcome difficult times. Finally believe in yourself and you can pursue your
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