Espm 4041w Personal Statement

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I feel as though I have benefitted academically, personally, and professionally from my experiences in ESPM 4021W – Problem Solving: Environmental Review. My academic goals from the first journal entry were to gain a better understanding of the review process and to discover new fields within environmental sciences. I can say with absolute confidence that I have a much greater understanding of the environmental review process. I’ve gained a great deal of experience, having conducted my own EAW with the help of a wonderful team. I’ve been opened up to the idea of working for RGUs and consulting firms. I have enrolled in the other capstone course, ESPM 4041W for the fall semester. I will be bringing a plethora of experience from 4021W and use it to my advantage next semester in 4041W. In January, I envisioned myself developing and refining my personal goals in order to find a career that supports my values. Renewable energy and mitigating climate change have remained as two of my highest values throughout the semester. I feel as though I can still accomplish these goals while working in environmental review. To see our project and many others incorporating renewable energy technology and…show more content…
I was graced with a fantastic group of teammates, which furthered my interest in the course. Having the support of my groupmates made it easy to accomplish my academic, personal, and professional goals. My progress was smooth also due to having instructors that I felt comfortable engaging with questions. Overall this class facilitated my growth like clockwork. If I could give one piece of advice to future students, it would be to dive in head first. Take on the challenges of this course and embrace them, Ed and Karen know what they are doing. Put yourself in a position to work on aspects of environmental review you’re not completely familiar with. The broader your knowledge of environmental review, the
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