Essay: A Career As A Nursing Assistant

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In 2008, I graduated high school with no solid plans of attending college. That year I also earned a certification as a nursing assistant through a local vocational program. This was without a doubt the most beneficial accreditation that I have earned to date. During this program I took interest in learning about medical terminology, administrative and clinical tasks of the healthcare field and the sciences as they relate to the human body. By the end of the year, this program peaked my interest in furthering my education and after working a year as a nursing assistant in different healthcare setting, I started attending Southern Maine Community College for pre-nursing studies in 2010. Working as a full-time nursing assistant and part-time college student, exciting opportunities have been presented to me. These opportunities include relocating to Pennsylvania for new perspective in 2012, yet still continuing my studies toward a nursing degree. Also, since moving back to Maine in 2014, I was hired on a childbirth unit to gain experience working in an aspiring career path. I have now experience working in patients homes, nursing homes, hospitals…show more content…
I am able to prioritize work, demonstrate organizational and time management abilities. I display strong interpersonal skills, patience and confidence while working with patients and families. I have also learned to offer empathy, compassionate care and optimism in my work and life. These skills have also overlapped with my school work and have allowed me to be a better student. Each of my assignments are turned in on time and I have adapted the correct studying mechanisms for better test-taking. These experiences and the skills I have learned have lead me to yearn for a career in nursing. I now have completed 58 credits and I’m ready to apply my skills and experiences to a full-time, bachelor’s of science nursing degree
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