Personal Narrative: The Day I Want To Get

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The next day it was time to pack up and leave. I didn 't want to but I had to. Our plane ride is at noon today. ¨Come on Izzy it 's time to get packed up¨ said Izzy 's mom. ¨I know I am¨ screamed Izzy. ¨Nana will be happy to see you¨said Izzy 's mom Izzy was slowly packing up like she was trying to miss her flight on purpose. ¨Come on Izzy it 's 10:30 we need to leave to get past security¨ ¨ Ok I 'm coming¨said Izzy They left for the airport and when they got there it was 11. It took them 20 minutes to get past security. So it was now 11:20. They went to go get something to eat. They got chinese food and ate for about 25 minutes. Izzy was quiet the whole time not saying a single word. Her mom was asking questions for a minute then decided to just stop trying. They were heading over to the plane so Izzy could get on it. There was an odd feeling about this plane I don 't know what it is but it just felt odd. ¨Well there it is go find your…show more content…
She has read hatchet and thinks of that book every time she´s on a plane. She thinks about what she can do every time she hops on a plane. Just incase something happens and the plane starts going down. The plane was big and I sat next to a mom and a little boy he looked to be 5 or 6. They asked me if I wanted a coke or anything to eat and I said i´ll take a Coke and some chicken tenders and fries. The girl said that the plane was going to start going in about 10 minutes. I really just wanted off the plane that plane was scary. The plane finally lifted off and I started to doze off I was tired I was up thinking all last night about the plane ride and about going to this village that my mom says is cool. I finally fell asleep and I woke up to the girl saying we have about an hour left of flying. We were over an ocean but I don 't know what ocean we went
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