Personal Essay: How My Life Lessons Learned

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My 10 Life Lessons
My first and most important life lesson is to be thankful. I know that is such a simple one, and it is one that I have been taught my entire life. However, I have just recently learnt how important this lesson is. I am a nursing student, and during my third week of clinicals at the nursing home I was assigned a patient that is a vegetable. Seeing him, being able to talk to his family, and hear his story just broke my heart. I remember thinking how selfish of me; I get mad about making a B on a test or when something so simple doesn’t go my way. That day I learnt how thankful I should be that I can still move, talk, and enjoy life. I learnt not to focus on the little things that don’t go my way and to focus on the things that I do have and how thankful I should be for them.
My second life lesson is to just simply be nice. You never know what someone is going through and the struggles that they may have. Be polite and smile at people. Even though someone might be mean to you, kill them with kindness. My third lesson is not take your family for granite. You never know when it’s time for someone to leave this world; enjoy spending time with them. One day when one of your family members are gone, you do not want to have any regrets. You do not want to think
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Forgive them because you are ready to forgive them. My fifth life lesson is to laugh at your mistakes. I am very good at this lesson. I am blonde, so I say a lot of stupid stuff; I was born with book sense not common sense. I remember one night I was riding with my mom down the highway in December and the lights in the middle of the road were lit up; I looked on the other side of the highway and the lights in the middle of the road were red. I told my mom, “Look they put red lights in the middle of the road to decorate for Christmas!” My mom informed me that they are red to let people know that they are going the wrong

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