Essay About A Bad Day

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Not all days start off well. And sometimes you just wind up having a bad day. But there are ways to turn it around. Now, days can turn out bad in different ways. And have different solutions. In this article I’d just like to share 5 general steps I often use to change my thoughts and emotions during a bad day. Going through these steps often allows me to change what is inside of me and so that allows me change the day for the better too. 1. Think. The first step when I’m having an unmotivated, sad, tired day or one where I wind up in one negative situation or more is to use my mind. How? Well, I start to see my day from a better and more helpful viewpoint by using questions. So you can ask yourself questions like: Will this matter 5…show more content…
Tap into gratitude. This one can be helpful too. Perhaps not when you are having really bad day. Or not right away, if you feel shocked or totally overwhelmed emotionally. But after a while, when you have calmed down a bit then it can be helpful to tap into a bit of gratitude. Because your pain and sorrow can in retrospect be a gift. Your sorrow expands the spectrum of human experience, understanding and emotions for you. You become more grateful because of your sorrow. The sorrow carves deeper. And the deeper it carves, the more joy you will also be able to contain. The sad times make the happy times even sweeter. So the bad times can help us to enjoy and appreciate the good times even more. But I have also found that when I have a pessimistic mood or low energy or no motivation or all of them then that can help me to think in new ways about things. My lowest days often turn out to be some of my most creative days. So the bad day may not feel good. But I also know that it often will bring me positive things based on how things have turned out in the past when I was in the same situation. 5. Just be with your day. This last step is more of a reminder if you can’t seem to get the steps above to work. Because that happens too. But it can also be another way to tap into acceptance and to help
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