Why I Want To Have A Good Life Essay

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When you think of having a good life, what is it that they tell you to do? They tell you that to love what you do, do what you love. I have always wanted to be an actor or be on Broadway; but, let 's face it, that is not always obtainable. I will always have a passion for music; so, recently, I have given much consideration to studying music in university and to even try to get a Bachelor of Education. I could either teach music or even give lessons to other people. I want a legacy and for that to happen, I need to give my wisdom and share my knowledge with people. I want them to strive for greatness as well! I want to be able to leave people with something they can always remember whether that is the love of music or just a life lesson.

At the end of grade eleven, I thought to myself I would love to teach music. It brings joy and happiness to my life. So it would be something great to pursue. Also from being in vocals I can see how a class like that can really boost somebody 's self-esteem and confidence. Aside from learning the technical aspects you also learn valuable life lessons, for
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That being said that is why I always go first I have more confidence if I go before everyone else so I can 't compare what I have to present to others work. With my love of presenting that is also why I think I would be a good teacher my voice is not one that people would not get annoyed with easily because it is not monotoned and I know a lot of my peers hate it when a teacher has a monotoned voice because they would find the teacher boring and in extreme cases they may fall asleep in their class which to me is slightly disrespectful. I have always enjoyed public speaking and I have decent tone and dynamics and with wanting to teach music it is not like you are going to be lecturing them so there is no reason for them to get bored with

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