What Makes A Good Teacher Guide Essay

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are approximately 3.6 million teachers in the United States today. 3.6 million teachers who are guiding us and our children. In a way, many teachers acted as a third parent to me. They taught me things that I would’ve never known by just walking through life. Teachers answer the questions that we have always wondered about, the ones that our parents didn’t always have the answers to. So, what defines a good teacher? A good teacher guides, protects, and gives us a whole new world of information that we’ve never known; they help make us the people we are today. When I was younger, I went to a private school. For some reason, I can’t remember much about the school or who was in my class, but I remember one very special teacher I had. She was an amazing, smart and caring teacher and made a huge impact on how I saw the world and how I treated others. It was the school librarian, Sister Iola. My class went to the school library every other day, where we sat on a little carpet and she would read us a story. At the end of every story, she would…show more content…
But I think that there are 3 main qualities that a teacher should have to be considered a good teacher. A good teacher guides, student, they guide us to make the right decision, even when it can be hard to figure out what is right. They guide us when times are hard and we don’t exactly know what to do. A good teacher protects us, in this world too many things can go wrong and our parents aren’t always there to keep us safe, especially at school. They step up and risk their own lives to save their students even when they don’t have to. A good teacher shapes us into who we are today. No matter what grade, they shape us to be better human beings on this earth, making us all better people. I define a good teacher in all 3 of these ways, and there is no teacher that hasn’t taught us one thing, even if we don’t listen in class, teachers guide us. They make us who we
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