Essay About Abortion In The Philippines

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Abortion should not be allowed in the Philippines

Our population today is extremely high and it continues to rise. Many unwanted or unplanned pregnancy has been solved by abortion. Abortion by definition means removing the fetus or embryo from the woman’s womb before it can live outside the uterus. This issue has been controversial over the world for many years. Many people are against it while there are people saying it is the right of the woman to choose whether to keep the baby or eradicate them. We believe that abortion is the murder of innocent lives therefore means that it is against the law.
A fetus is a potential human being and therefore should have the right to life. We admit that a fetus is not a human yet. It is alive but can’t
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Knowing that a fetus is a potential human being, it should have a right to live in this world. We have no right to take or condemn one’s life and we see abortion as taking one’s privilege to live. Another is that when women have sexual intercourse it is her choice and must take full responsibility of the result. Pregnancy is not just a game where you can undo what you did wrong. Taking responsibility of the result is a wise response to the problem, if you consider it as a problem not a blessing. Having the idea of making it as another form of contraception makes no sense. When you want to prevent something from happening, you should have taken action in the beginning. Abortion is when taking the fetus out of the mother’s womb unlike contraception where you take actions in order to prevent the sperm cells develop and form fetus. Abortion does not only affect the future of the baby but it also affects the mother physically and psychologically. It creates pain, stress and other psychological factors which tend to lead to suicidal behaviors and substance abuse. Therefore we believe that abortion is not the solution. It takes the life of the innocent individual which means it is against the

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