Essay About Addiction To Video Games

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Many people always find something to do that they like as a hobby. Some people like to watch TV, listening to music or playing games. Nowadays, technology is moving forward and become more popular. As well as video games, video games are also one kind of technology which involves interaction with the user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as a TV screen or computer monitor. There are also many platforms that support the video games such as PC, console, arcade, web browser and mobile. It is a popular hobby which can make people feel good and relax. That is why many people begin to addict to the video games. The first phase of addiction to video games is spending too much time playing video games. It may start with people who have lots of free time and they want to find something to do. And nowadays, video games are very popular. Refer to the research from University of Essex in the UK,…show more content…
In conclusion, the process of addiction to video games may start with people spending too much time playing video games because video games are fun and they can’t manage their time to play it properly. Then, they can 't stop playing video games because they want to get rid of stress or they may enjoy winning .Lastly, they might have an anti-social behavior which they can become aggressive and be a non-responsibility person. Which in each process there are some actions that cause the negative effects to people which are as follows. It can increase aggressive behavior. For example, they can have an irritability, they may not respect other people and they may attack or harm other people. Next, it can occur negative effects on health such as computer vision syndrome, office syndrome and insomnia. Last, it can lower the academic performance. They may forget to read books, they may not want to do homework and they may skip class. Moreover, people should learn about the process and negative effects of video games and try to manage their time to play it
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