Essay About Agricultural Industry In The Philippines

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The primary sector includes raising of crops on or directly extracting products from the land without further processing. The activities under this sector are grouped under agriculture, fishery and forestry. Agricultural activities are subdivided into crop production and raising livestock, poultry and other animals. Hunting, trapping and game propagation are also included under this sector. Bataan is basically an agricultural province with an area of 24,095 hectares devoted to agricultural production that is being provided with rich communal water supplied by rivers and deep wells. Its primary agricultural products are banana, rice, corn, sweet potato, coconut, mango, coffee, and vegetables such as squash, tomato, okra etc. The growing livestock, poultry and bamboo production also showed great potential in the market. The City of Balanga, the capital of Bataan province, is one of the prosperous towns in Bataan and its primary industry has always been agriculture. Even though other…show more content…
The town of Dinalupihan gradually rose to heights. It now hosts provincial government offices of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), NIA, Pag-ibig Fund and the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) that serves Bataan and Zambales public employees. They also have sports facilities like an olympic size swimming pool, track and field, and a covered basketball court that have been venues for sporting events like the Palarong Pambansa and the CLRAA Meet. A civic center where nationally acclaimed production outfits have showed great stage plays is also in this town. Dinalupihan is the only town in Bataan that does not have a shoreline. And is the second smallest in terms of land area (4,460 has.) but still has the most number of barangays (46) in the

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