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In this era of modern technology, Malaysia is well known as the rising country. First of all, we should be thank to all of person especially engineers that raising this country too well. As we can see, there are many creation of technology by the human kind but can you see there are also many bad effect of all this creation and technology? Air pollution is a serious problem that is well known as one of the big problem that occurs from all over the world. In Malaysia air pollution becoming serious and it became too worse due the addition air pollution that are made from our neighbor, the republic country, Indonesia. Every year, they will do a huge open burning. The smoke from the open burning surely blow by the wind that is brought to our country which will cause haze every year in Malaysia. Not only that, there are also many activities in Malaysia that lead to the air pollution. Before this problem become more danger, our government should find an initiatives to reduce this air pollution in Malaysia. This is because, it can affect the
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It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it”, its mean that there must be some impurities or known as pollutant that start the pollution and harm our environment. The first opinion that cause the air pollution is burning fossil fuels. Nowadays, most of people go to one place to the other place by using transportation such as car, bus, airplane, trains and heavy duty trucks. Without our realization, this transport will cause air pollution. How come it happen? To make this transport move to other place it use engine. How the engine work? The engine use work by burning a fossil fuels in the engine. So from the burning of the fossil fuel there will be emission of air pollutant to the atmosphere such as Hydrocarbon, Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, hazardous toxic and greenhouse

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