Essay About Akhenaten

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Akhenaten became pharaoh from 1353 – 1336 BC in the 18th dynasty Egypt. Akhenaten is also spelled Akhenaton, Akhnaton and Ikhnaton. 1. What were some of the historical events associated with your individual? There were many different historical events associated with Akhenaten such as a sudden change in the religion, a different way of doing art to the original Egyptian way and unusual architecture. The change of the religion came as a huge shock to the Ancient Egyptians, and most people did not agree with how he wanted to change the religion from polytheistic (a religion with many gods) to monotheistic (a religion with only one god). “The Amarna period, roughly 1353-1336 BCE” brought up a new period of art that was completely different to the previous inscriptions. (something inscribed on a book or monument) Another historical event associated with Akhenaten was the making of Akhetaten city. Akhenaten made this city the capitol of Egypt. The name was later changed to Amarna city. This city was abandoned straight after his death. Akhenaten created this city so that the god Aten, could be worshipped and cherished in the afterlife. The name Akhetaten even means…show more content…
This is why Akhenaten is so remarkable and interesting. Because of this, he didn’t have any achievements that were wide spread. But, when he reigned he changed it so that him and his wife, Nefertiti were the only representatives for Aten on earth. This made the people of Egypt very angry because the new representatives were the only ones with access to the new god Aten. Most of the achievements certainly didn’t last long because after his reign, his son Tutankhamun changed the religion and the art back to its original ways. Akhenaten also seemed to loosen the relationships with Egypt’s neighbours. Overall, this was bad luck for him because it made people hate him as a
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