Essay About Aliens

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For today, an affirmation that our planet was visited by extraterrestrial civilizations at least once is quite spread. UFOs are unidentified flying objects and many of people around the world claim that they saw UFOs in the sky or even were kidnapped by aliens. A lot of videos of UFOs are taken every year, however, all of the assumptions, videos and pictures are still not scientifically proved. As a reason, the question of the real existence of the extraterrestrial civilizations is still open for debates. The main purpose of this essay is to research the main aspects of the ufology studies, present facts about the truth about alien existence and discuss the question what is the goal of extraterrestrial civilizations to visit our planet if…show more content…
However,the question of who they really are, how do they look like and what they want from us is still open. There is a spread version that aliens are the inhabitants of millions of unexplored planets in our galaxy. Ufologists believe that aliens often visit Earth. Usually they appear on territories of war conflicts, natural calamities and disasters. During the war in Libya, there were hundreds of signals about UFO noticing in the Libyan sky, but nothing could be done, UFOs simply vanished in the air. One of the reasons for the appearance of aliens among us, is in our genetic material. Aliens kidnap people and there are thousands of evidence for this. It is obvious that the human DNA contains something very important for representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Another reason is in the gradual colonization of our planet. The researches show that there are some distant planet where there is intelligent life, that are dying and aliens just looking for a new home. Unfortunately, humanity can not yet provide resistance to this invasion, the aliens greatly excelled people in their technical development. There is also a theory that aliens are the guests from future who easily can live among us because they are able to blade into the crowd
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