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If I had to describe myself in one word, I would say “perseverance”. It is a journey of a girl from a developing country raised by a single mother with limited financial resources but with eyes on her goal. I have encountered many obstacles in my path, but I have always been steadfast. Whether it is studying for USMLE or 36 hour tiring calls in the hospital or going all the way to America, all by myself when I never went out of the city where I was born and raised. My father died fighting laryngeal cancer when I was ten years old. Despite the traumatizing experience of my father’s illness and his subsequent death, I have always seen my mother as a symbol of courage. She always used to say, “no matter how difficult the situation may seem, never give up. Keep moving and doors will open for you”. I was compelled to join a nursing school due to financial restraints, but my dream of becoming a doctor always lived in my heart. After a few months, I started working hard and decided to enroll in the entrance test of medical school. I got…show more content…
During my internal medicine rotation in my final year of medical school, I decided that that is what I would enjoy doing all my life. I vividly remember an incident where a young male patient admitted for recurrent episodes of acute abdominal pain and diarrhea, but the etiology was unclear even after extensive investigations. It turned out to be an unusual presentation of a genetic condition called hereditary angioedema. I was commended by the faculty members for my active involvement and thorough research on the subject. I am naturally inquisitive and this is the thing I love about medicine the most. You can never learn everything. It will always surprise you with a new case that will teach you something you never knew before. Medicine is the door to human

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