Reflective Essay On American Culture

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We all have raised at some point in our lives the question who am I? Typically, when we are introduced, we are asked to describe or provide relevant information about ourselves; and it is considered basic to know how to answer that question with certainty. Culture is a very important part of who we are, our habits, our values, our manners and the social norms that we follow. Perhaps, we are not fully aware of how we relate to others until we are confronted with a cultural shock by meeting someone different from us. It is here that our culture allows us to congenial or defer with other people. My culture is Mexican. I am an American citizen, raised by Mexican parents and grandparents; in a border town such as El Paso, Texas. Since I was little,…show more content…
This city is home to the contrast of these two cultures. In my personal point of view, I perceive that American culture is remarkably different from Mexican culture. I found that the main features of American culture are that people are impersonal, reserved with their feelings, and that the sense of humor is simpler. I consider that American culture is impersonal since they tend to be very objective when working or relating to others. For example, it is very common that in Mexico, the work associates are related outside the work area. On the other hand Americans, the only relationship they have with their workmates is strictly professional. Another of the major differences between these cultures is that in American culture, people are more reserved with their feelings. The Mexicans on the other hand, are recognized for being very expressive and warm both with foreigners and their families. A clear example of this is found in the halls of the university. It is very noticeable that Mexicans embrace and greet with great affection and Americans are a little more reserved. Moreover, the last difference between the American and Mexican culture, that I perceive, is the sense of humor. I consider that the sense of humor of the Mexicans is black and can come to be considered as satirical. The sense of humor of the Americans, on the other hand, I perceive, as
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