Essay About American Education

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Education, for decades, was considered to be the last choice for the people who desired a better and successful life. To many people, education is a very important part of life. Knowledge is the key to success and the most valuable accessory one could wear. It is necessary to have knowledge to pursue your dreams. Every country has its own education and strategies to continual success. School and teachers together make a great place to learn. Bur what if schools fail to provide potentially great teachers? What if a good teacher fails because the school isn’t as great? It’s a crime in the end where children – the future hope in our next generation are the only victims. “Our system is broken and it seems impossible to fix. But we can’t wait.” This quote made me wonder if America is really doomed. America is one of the world’s most developed and successful countries and was the leader in education up until the 1970’s. Unfortunately, from the 1970’s until present, our country’s public school system is falling behind with large number of kids failing in school and less than 50% of eighth graders across the country being not proficient in Maths and Reading, the basic subjects. Among 30 developed countries, the U.S.…show more content…
Anthony, Francisco, Bianca, Daisy and Emily, are students studying in our education system. They are important witnesses of the lack of accountability in teachers and the complex of our system which inhibits rather than encourages academic growth of knowledge for the future generation. There are many underlying problems that prevent successful reforms to the education system of America such as tenure, the difficult process and cost of firing and replacing a failing teacher and lack of accountability from teachers in doing their jobs which is producing poor results for
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