Unspeakable Animals Cruelty

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I Speak For The Unspeakable: Animal Cruelty When we go to places such as the zoo, circuses, and aquariums we go to see animals that we have never seen before.Animals that have skills to do strange tricks.Though have you ever wondered if those animals you see are happy where they are?Being in cages away from home and family, do you ever feel like they aren’t treated as it seems?If they feel scared?Animals just like humans feel.They are aware of their surroundings.Aware that they will no longer be free.Yet, they don’t have the ability to speak and say “I don’t want to be here!” Using animals for entertainment or gaming does constitute animal cruelty because it removes animals from their natural habitat, the games they are involved in can be…show more content…
Even though some people argue that using animals for entertainment or gaming constitutes animal cruelty, there are others who believe that keeping the animals in captivity helps rehabilitate animals.They argue that this action helps preserve endangered species.While this position seems convincing at first, there are many links that lead to animals cruelty.For example how they are removed from their natural habitat.This results in the animals changing their way of being.Some are harmed by their caretakers and they can even get to the point of harming themselves.Animals deserve to be
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