Essay About Animal Protection In The Philippines

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The Philippines is well-known for its highest rate of endemism. It is evident that animals in the country need protection and care. Unfortunately, unique species are under threat of hunting, logging and development. The degradation of land caused harm of these puny species which became highly risky for endemic animals. The current situation of animal welfare of the state is indeed a challenge for animal advocates as well as to the government. Base on the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (2012), there is 26% of decreasing population of endemic animals from 2007 to 2011 it is a call to the government for the alarming situation of the resources that the country has. The current situation of the Philippine fauna is also endangered and it has to…show more content…
It is the responsibility of human to protect all creatures with life and breathing. Unfortunately, people had no ideas of what these creatures gone through. The awareness of providing service delivery among animals specifically, among endemic species must be learned by the community as much as the government secure its welfare. As declared in the Republic Act 9417 or Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act, it shall be the responsibility of the state to protect and conserve wildlife species which must be evident to the eyes of every Filipino. It is the utmost purpose of the study to define the service delivery given to endemic animals in the Philippines in relations to the existing provisions of law. The researchers will divulge the information on the current situation of endangered species of the country based on how they treated and served. There is a substantial participation among community and wildlife advocates to ensure that the assessment will be fruitful and essential. The proponents will also be driven in providing a well-defined provision to help the community and the government in keeping natural

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