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One Earth, One History, One Class The most stressful time of the year for many students is when a student must choose the classes that they will be taking the upcoming year. Essex High School offers a wide variety of classes regarding history, which can make it difficult to choose a history class to take. At Essex High School students can take several different history classes such as Global Military History, U.S. History, American Government, many more and my personal favorite AP World History. Students who take AP World history study the causes and effects of major global historical events and prepare themselves for the AP exam in the Spring. AP World History is a class that rises above other history classes by teaching students key world historical events, develops a students global awareness and time management skills. Admittedly, the class assigns one to two hours of homework per night and demands high levels of work which can be too much for some students. However, this gives students the opportunity to work on their time management skills and build work endurance skills. Some students with sports and after school activities may feel intimidated to take the class because of the workload but with strong time management the workload can be completed. For example I myself am a two sport athlete and I was able to manage my time and complete the workload for AP World…show more content…
It builds crucial skills such as time management and work endurance that students will carry on throughout their lives. As well as building crucial life skills the class creates an amazing learning environment for students to discuss and debate in. AP World History is very beneficial to students who wish to build life skills and lay down a foundation for success later in life. AP World History is a great opportunity for students and should be their first choice when choosing a history

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