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Like that of a delectable dish, all the ingredients combined make everything come together. Contemporary flair with a distinctly Asian feel makes Singapore the gateway to Southeast Asia. A pinch of grandeur can be seen in Thailand’s palaces and upscale markets and malls, while the Hill Tribes in the north immerses you in a colorful culture. While in Bangkok, consider taking a cooking class to really spice things up. Experience the colonial era trappings and dash of modern culture that await you in Vietnam.
Combine this trip with a Mekong River cruise to experience the enchanting land of Cambodia. Discover Myanmar, perhaps a cruise on the Irrawaddy, and be amazed by Bagan, where over 2,000 temples dot the horizon. All in all, travel to Indochina provides a fantastic melting pot of cultures, landscapes and sights with everything for a first time visitor to a seasoned Asian traveler, whether on an individualized custom journey or a quality escorted small group tour. Search Asia trip offers above, or contact us to plan your adventure.
Things To Do and See in Southeast Asia
Given the vast amount of geographical and cultural space that Southeast Asia covers, there are no shortages of things to see
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In most countries you can find buses, taxis, cars for hire, shared taxis, scooters for hire, and even bicycle and pedi-cabs. Outside of the main cities there will be bus service to most of the popular tourist destinations and attractions, river taxis available on the main rivers, ferry service to islands and other offshore attractions, and short-hop flights available. Most fares are negotiable when dealing directly with individual

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