The Pros And Cons Of Bag Tax

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Bag Tax can be a good thing but as well can be a bad thing because whom is it meant for, the upper/ middle class, or the lower class, and what kind of positives and negative will be coming along with it. There are so many positives to having a $0.25 fee on plastic bags, but then theirs the flaw of having people who cant afford it and would be even more broke. Bag tax would be good as in less trash in the ocean, it will minimize the plastic bags that are in a garbage dump, and it 's one less thing you have to do; the nagitives to having a tax on them is that there are poor family 's who can barley afford food, clothes, and day to day nacecitys. The positive on having a bag tax it that it would encourage people to bring there own bags so that they don 't end up in the Ocean, land fills, or…show more content…
The positives about having it is that it could be more convenet for you to have bags that you choose to just bring from home, rather than going and getting your grocery 's for the month and having to pay extra because you didn 't bring your own bags, so why be punished? Bax tax would also be looked at like a punishment to punish the people who cant afford anything; when you 're already on rock bottom and having to scrape by, it 's hard to have to budget a new experience I would know I 've been in that position before. Having bag tax would show the common people how bad that we are also hurting our mother earth, to see the damage that our human race have caused. But to be the worker who has to enforce that would be hard because you would have to just keep track. Bag tax is actually working in Chicago, Illinois; It 's boosting there economy and getting better funding for the
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