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Bahrain is an Arab state located in Western Persian Gulf, 29 Kilometers North-West of Qatar. Its name originates from the Arabic name al-Baharyan, which essentially means “the two seas”. Some people interpret the name to mean “belonging to the seas”. Initially, Bahrain was 665 square kilometres big, but due to land reclamation from the surrounding ocean, it is now approximately 765 square kilometres. Bahrain consists of the Bahrain Island and 32 other islands, although more islands add as a result of land reclamation on the coastline. As an Arab state, the nation practices the Islamic religion, and it was one of the earliest regions to convert to Islam. The capital of Bahrain is
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With connections to ancient Mesopotamia and Nile Valley in Egypt, Bahrain is famous for its freshwater springs and massively productive date groves. Its history proves that it was a commercial transit point between civilisations contributing mainly to its early success. The modern era of Bahrain as we know it today, began in the 18th century when Ahmed Al Fateh successfully captured the country. The Al Khalifa family has been ruling the nation since then. When Salman Al Khalifa came into power, many considered him as one of the first Arab leaders that ensured the foundation on which their countries got built on represented justice, stability and great promise, a notion that has remained popular since then. He assured that the Arabic culture and independence of Bahrain retained the people’s recognition, as it conducted a democratic election under the watchful eye of the United Nations. Bahrain is currently an independent Arab nation under the rule of Al Khalifa. Bahrain gained independence from the United Kingdom in mid-1971, and later that year, it declared liberation from British protectorate. In the era of the current state, the first Bahraini constitution was issued in 1973 and has since undergone some amendments (Mansfield & Winckler,
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