Essay About Basketball History

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The history of basketball is a very complex and interesting story. Throughout the years many things have changed in the game of basketball. It has gone from a very simple and unsupported game into a global phenomena that continues to entertain everyone to this day. The game of basketball started with a Canadian physical educator named James Naismith. He established this game in springfield Massachusetts during 1891. He created the game as a safer and less injury-prone game than football. One of its original purposes was to keep young athletes in shape during the cold winter months. James Naismith first created the game by nailing a peach basket to the gym balcony and using a soccer-style ball to play with. He made the teams by dividing his…show more content…
However it is not as interesting/fun to play but it is when I am playing with my close friends because it is not as serious. My favorite time to watch basketball is during march madness, this is because I enjoy making the brackets and seeing how the games play out compared to how the majority of people think they will turn out. Also watching the games is very interesting but it is extremely hard to watch because during the spring I have crew practice from 3 - 6 every night and around 3 hours of homework each night. But I do enjoy watching the highlight recaps when I have the chance to. I also enjoy watching the NBA dunk contests because it is very interesting to see how intricate and complex some of the dunks can be. Occasionally I also watch some NBA games during the normal basketball season. Usually when I do it is a Knicks game because that is my favorite team. That is my opinion on basketball. In conclusion, basketball is a very complex and interesting sport that has a very interesting history, going from throwing soccer balls into peach baskets to the military playing to it being a world wide phenomena. In the end I think the history of basketball is a very interesting topic because there is so much that goes on with it that it is very hard to write a whole essay on it especially with a very busy
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