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Many of the better basketball players are good because they had something happen in there personal life that changed the way they play the game. There are many examples of players that exceeded greatly in their basketball career. Steve Kerr is a prime example. He is known today as the head coach of the well known Golden State Warriors. The team is worth 2.3 billion dollars and has been growing through the years. They are the NBA’s “third most valuable franchise” following the “Lakers and Knicks”.(Letourneau, Connor) Steve Kerr has gone through alot to help make him who he is today. (Connor) On January 18, 1984 Steve was in his rookie year playing for the Arizona Wildcats as a “freshman guard”. He was in his dormitory room. It was three in the morning and the phone starts ringing. Steve got up and mumbles a sleepy hello. Vake Simonian, a good friend of the Kerr’s,says in a serious tone, “Steve your father has been shot.” Steve asked him if he was ok. There was pause then Vake says, “Your father was a good man.” That told steve everything he…show more content…
He became known as Mr. Basketball in Illinois. Later he accepted a full ride to the University of Illinois, which was the same school Benjy had planned to go to. He at first struggled in the classroom and thus could not play his freshman year of college. Later he changed and started to excel in his school work as well as on the court. He became one of the best players in college basketball. Nick took Illinois to the NCAA final four in 1989. They lost to Michigan by two points in the semifinals. After college Nick was picked by the Orlando Magic in the first round of the NBA draft. He became the team’s leading scorer averaging around 20 points per game. Later Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway joined thus taking some of the offensive burden off of Nick giving him more space to work on his defensive game.(

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