Essay About Becoming A Nurse

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The thought of being a teacher was never going to be erased from my mind, and I was one hundred percent positive of that. I have always believed being a nurse would be impossible, and I just pushed the thought to the side. Busy thinking of all the cons associated with nursing, I overlooked the positives. Nursing requires a long road of preparing and studying to excel in this profession, but it has such a rewarding end. The image of treating people continuously played through my mind on repeat. I became ecstatic thinking of my future profession, and how my life would end up being. Plans had changed, dreams had been altered, but everything worked out for the better. The way my life was supposed to be. It was a hot, sunny day at my home at the…show more content…
I had always dreamed of becoming a teacher since I was a little girl, at this moment my dreams were different. Going through this experience with the knowledge I had previously gained, changed my thoughts about my future career. I was now inspired to be a nurse, a nurse practitioner to be exact. I see how my courage to handle this maturely and confidently helped my father feel comfortable with me assisting him. I had never been placed in this situation of having to actually put forth my skills, but thankfully for this experience, I came to realization of what my future profession was truly supposed to be. I was inspired by helping my father and the reaction he gave me, so I conducted research on nursing We always dream of ideas stitching together a certain way, and then suddenly something trots along the path altering the dream. Everything is not always going to pan out exactly how we imagine. There are going to be life changing decisions that we are going to have to make that may change our future dreams. For the first time, light shone on the possibility of becoming a nurse. Someone actually seen my potential. Nursing could lead to a surprising, rewarding job in my career. After this experience, I was placed on a high pedestal by my father to accomplish my
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