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How to Treat Bedbugs

Anyone can end up being "attacked" by bed bugs. Contrary to popular belief, even a very clean house can suffer from these insects, as the infestation can be brought by clothing, in suitcases and luggage, as well as many other surfaces. The severity of symptoms associated with bed bug bites varies by individual. Some do not even notice they have been stung, while others may be allergic, developing redness, blemishes and a lot of itching. Before attempting to use any type of medicine to treat this type of sting, check that it was really a bed bug.

1.Identifying a stink bug
1Carefully examine the bitten site. Usually, the bites of this insect resemble those of other pests - such as mosquitoes -, manifesting through a swollen
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Look for sleeping bugs, carcasses, exoskeletons, and insect feces (spots or very small black spots). Also note if there is any indication of these pests on the pillow, pillowcases and sheets.
• It is almost impossible to detect a bug with the naked eye (as well as catching it). These insects are tiny, have oval, robust bodies of brown color and know to hide very well. However, finding a bedbug is the only way to confirm that it was he who actually stung the victim.

4 Go to the doctor. If you want, make an appointment with a doctor to make the correct diagnosis if you do not find bed bugs and can not identify the "source" of bites, allergies or blemishes. However, it is likely that the doctor will not be able to make an accurate diagnosis of the type of sting, since the symptoms are very similar to the bites of other insects and also to dermatological disorders. Still, to reassure the person, going to a doctor is the best option, since he will confirm that bedbugs pose minimal risks to human health.
• The specialist may prescribe a topical ointment containing corticosteroids to relieve itching and inflammation. Such ointments are stronger than over-the-counter
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