Essay About Being A Meteorologist

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Being a meteorologist can be a hard job! They almost NEVER get the snow amount right! But, if they do, it is almost always either more or less expected. That can be bad. If it is more than expected, the power could go out, and you could not be prepared. If there is less snowfall than expected, and you were really prepared, you just went and spent probably a lot of money on food, flashlights, batteries, and more. You probably took time off of work, when you could’ve gone, and now you’ve used up vacation days that you could use for, I don’t know, A VACATION! I’m not saying it’s not good to plan a lot ahead, but admit it, that was a lot of money you spent on chips and propane tanks. To start off, being a meteorologist can be hard because It is frustrating and stressful. The life of many pilots are in your hands because you tell them if it is safe to take off or not. It can be a hard job to get. You need to understand fancy maps and graphics. When you do get the job, You have to stand outside in the snow with a piece of paper, in only a suit and a small jacket. This can be annoying, especially in certain weather conditions. You need to work hard in math, science, and computers from day 1, and in my opinion, it is hard to work hard in those subjects in first -…show more content…
What tools do they use?” Well, here is your answer. They can use simple tools, like a thermometer, or they may use more advanced tools, like a weather satellite. If you don’t already know, a weather satellite takes pictures and shows weather conditions. Another tool that meteorologists use to predict precipitation is a weather balloon. A weather balloon flies into the atmosphere and predicts the weather for them. Another tool that meteorologists use to predict precipitation is a weather map. They show atmospheric conditions. Weathermen use a lot of tools, and those are just a few of the tools that you might have not heard
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