Essay About Being African American

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The time that I become aware of my cultural identity was when was in elementary school when I heard my parent talking to my brothers about how society work for African American and that the laws not the same for us and everybody else. That we have to be 2x better, smart, and hard work to be on the same level as everybody else. The benefit being African American is being capacity to rebound from setbacks and become stronger in the broken places, a passion for life and having high energy in a creative way to meeting life’s challenge and being categorized and being able to prove people wrong. Some of the name that I heard people called African American is Black, nigga, Nigger, color person, people of color, and monkey. The one that are acceptable in my opinion is African American, Black, People of color and the unacceptable one is nigga, nigger, color person and monkey. The reason they are unacceptable is because they are racist, ignorance, and connect to a dark history in America past. Also, these words were used to make African American to feel inferior. For the word nigga personal, I hate the word and I just think it unacceptable for African American to use this word because is a derogatory term for our race and help to stereotypical black person as poor, violence, and uneducated.…show more content…
In my opinion on the cultural identity a person can still be part of the same group when it comes to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and class. Can have different way of identifying their self in a more complex way than the dimensions of diversity because diversity is seen differently from other people views and is in a constant state of always changing and diversity is not easily
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