Essay About Being An American

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What makes someone an American? This is a question that has so many answers because so many people have different views on Americanism. One person might claim you have to be born in America, some might say you have to be raised in it. While they are not necessarily wrong, others will have a different idea. Some people view Americanism as an attitude, not a nationality. It is how you present yourself to others and to the world. They believe Americanism is based on the American people, not the American land. To them, being an American is about understanding their values and ethics and going along with them. Americans have so many flaws, each and every one of them. The great part about being an American though, is that you are allowed to have…show more content…
Countries are no more than blocks of land, it is the people who make it a culture, who make it a nation. Being an American is like being a Christian. You can be anywhere in the world but as long as you follow their ideals and beliefs, you are considered one. You don’t have to be born in a certain place or raised in one. You just have to practice their style of life in your own way. Being American is following your ideas and believing in your freedom no matter where you are. Being an American is an attitude. It is how you behave. It is having ideas and not being afraid to do something about it. It is accepting people no matter their background. It is willing to change and willing to take a chance. That is what Americanism is and anyone who follows these ideas and ways is an American, no matter where they are. Being an American is living life how you see fit. A birthplace is only necessary to fill out legalities, it does not determine who you are as a person. Only you can decide that. Do you want to parade your personality to everyone or cower and conform to society’s expectations? Do you want to be afraid of the new or embrace it with open arms? A country is no more than a piece of Earth. It is your decision to become who you want to be. Once you can do that, you are an
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