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The one thing I would like to do after high school is become an LPN. The reason why I would like to do become an LPN is because I enjoy helping others. Knowing I can support people would make me happy. Taking shots, drawing blood, and taking vital signs would be interesting for me, I think I would enjoy that very much. LPN’s have several duties they need to do. They are in charge of taking people’s blood pressure, changing bandages, inserting catheters, keeping records of patient’s health, help dress or bath people, give shots, and draw blood. It is important that they keep everything sterile. By not keeping tools sterile they may pass diseases to others, which can be very dangerous. To become an LPN you could go to a technical school or even a university. You can get your LPN in just a year or two. LPN programs combine classroom learning in subjects like nursing, biology, and …show more content…

One of the bad effects about being an LPN is that you would have to work some weekends, nights, and holidays. When you would be ready to settle down and have your own family it would be hard for you to not see them a lot. You might also miss out on many things. The good thing about being an LPN is that you can work part time if you would like and still make good money, LPN’s make around 45,000 in a year. The other reason why I would like being an LPN is that you would be helping so many people rather you would be working in a doctor’s office, nursing home, or hospital. Being an LPN you have good benefits. You get medical insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. Without insurance you would have to pay so much more money for your doctor visits. Retirement is another great thing you have, without retirement you would have to set up your own account and would be harder for you. Paid days off is one thing everyone wants and by being an LPN you will get that. There are so many great things that I would love about being an

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