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Being an outsider is something that I’ve faced for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I was the first kid to learn to read, and then that was the only way I ever spent my time. If there was even a free moment in class, I’d pick up a book. People didn’t always understand what I was talking about when it came to books, but one friend did. Her mother and father both worked at publishing companies, and she was never without a book nearby, just like me. We could talk for hours about the books we read, and even had contests surrounding books. But the other people in our class didn’t understand at all how we could like books so much, especially books about magic and other worlds, stuff that our school was strongly against, to the point of banning them. So people thought we were pretty weird. Luckily, we had each other to be weird with, plus, the characters in our stories. As I grew older, I realized that I wasn’t special for feeling like that. Especially…show more content…
This is true even if people are outsiders for varying reasons, like Kevin and the old man in Home Alone, as well as in Harry Potter. Sometimes, though, this isolation is a very strong negative that can end up hurting people beyond reparation, as is the case for Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. Feeling isolated from the group is a feeling that most people will go through during their lifetime. It can lead to strong connections between people, as was the case with my friend Bronwyn and I. Even though I had an interest in video games and she was an avid movie watcher (when we weren’t reading), we were still able to connect on our feelings and become fast friends. Thanks to that, we didn’t feel all alone in the world. This is a feeling I’m sure many of my classmates have (and have had) even today, which leads me to believe that this otherness is completely normal. Its various manifestations and the reasons behind them are what really makes the difference,

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