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The beginning of college is scary because you don’t know what to expect from it and how you going to be treated by fellow students. It’s tough to deal with a year of new things and also trying out new things like drinking. “Peer interaction may be essential for college students in that peers provide the guidance and support needed to circumvent this transitional period”, this leads to the need and want to be accepted be new group of people. (Borsari & Carey, 2001).
According to research and study by Borsari and Carey in 2001, sometimes a teen might be doing all these activities in order to be taken seriously by the “in crowd” and make themselves known. “In a college environment, it is essential for students to be associated with the in-group
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Also they become very aware of their surroundings. That the age group where most teens learn more and become interested in things and keeping up with the trends of what is happening in their age groups”. As soon as a child hits puberty. They start thinking that they can make their own choices of what they want to do and this is where they fall away from their parent’s wing s of protection and start realizing how the world is and being more aware of how it works. This turns to the point where they want to thrive to fit in so they start experimenting and also doing things that will make them belong to mostly the “in crowd”.(Dr Lohmann)
Being in the “in crowd” meaning start living a reckless lifestyle just to be liked and have “friends”, “teens have a mindset that wants to explore and try out new things and that’s a huge cause of concern for many parents. It also states that that kind of behavior of experimenting can lead to binge drinking”. That type of behavior then leads to them binge drinking because they see their peers doing it therefore they feel that if they don’t then, they will no longer belong to that group of people that they consider

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