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Being Thankful - Key #2 to Happiness By Pete Grundner Oct 14, 2011 I don 't think that we can be happy if we don 't have a sense of thanksgiving for the good things in our lives. Being thankful takes effort. Naturally, most of us focus on our problems, on what we lack and what ails us. Let 's face it...every one of us has some areas of our lives that are difficult and confusing. Some of these challenges are short term and some are life-long burdens. Some are self-inflicted and some are not our fault. No matter how positive any one of us may be, there are times when a problem gets the best of us. I must admit, as I write this, I am preaching to myself as well as sharing my thoughts with you. Last week at work, for example, I let some of the…show more content…
These situations are taking you by surprise, but not God. He tells us that He saw every day of our lives before the foundation of the world - that every day of your life has been recorded in His book. (God says this right after He tells you that He has more good thoughts about you than there are grains of sand on all the seas of the world) He has a plan for you that goes way beyond your life on this planet - He has great plans for you throughout all eternity! Since everyone will have different assignments after life on earth, each of us has to be prepared differently. God has a wonderful future designed for you! So you don 't want to be fighting against Him. Our disappointments, losses and pressures, if not checked, can consume us and make our lives a living hell. The question is...can we find happiness even when experiencing serious problems? The answer is yes. One of the keys to happiness is making a conscious decision and effort to take our focus off our problems and focus of all the good things in our lives...being thankful for those. Some of you might argue that there is nothing to be thankful for. On the surface that might seem true...but you 'd be surprised. I admit that this is not always easy but try we must

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