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1. Ayam Betutu

This traditional Balinese food is familiar to your ears, which has an excellent taste delicious with a predominantly spicy flavor. The story has a Betutu Chicken story was once the favorite food of the kings in Bali. This spicy taste seeps into the meat hlo Guys, for cooking along with Balinese spice seasoning.

Seasoning concoction in enter kkedalam chicken stomach, then in the wrap with banana leaves and roasted with coals fire husk up to 24 hours. In addition to Betutu Chicken culinary, there are also Betutu Duck dishes. Both culinary is only different meat, in terms of spices and how to cook it is still the same. How ? Please choose what you want.

2. Chicken Tum

Bali Chicken Tum culinary at a glance from the form and manner
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With a touch of a little unique and of course interesting is to try tasting traditional Balinese food that is still ngeksis and always in the rush of local and foreign tourists and then on if on fire.

This culinary can use chicken, duck, beef and so forth. Meat first in chopped and seasoned, then wrapped in lemongrass or bamboo date. For food this time you do not have to go around to look for it hlo Sob.

6.Nasi Jinggo (Jinggo Rice)

Ever eat at the angkringan stall? Perhaps the rice menu is all together with the cat rice you have ever met at the angkringan stalls across the archipelago. Side dishes of Nasi Jinggo also vary hlo, such as chicken suwir, dried tempe, chicken intestine, and so forth. Rice Jinggo wrapped in banana leaves as big as an adult fist.

The buyers will not be enough to eat only one portion, because the menu is so mini and not filling if only eat one serving only. The story, Nasi Jinggo has been around since 1997 and still exist until now. What's so great? Okay, if you visit the Island of the Gods do not forget to taste the popular food on this island of God yes friend.

7. Lawar

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