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Bigfoot is a real and is consider a folklore , misidentification.Would you ever think there is more than one bigfoot? Do you believe in bigfoot? There are many people in the world that don 't believe in bigfoot. For example there are many arguments that people complain that there is and isn 't and that bigfoot is real. Also there been people that been in counter with bigfoot but people say it can just be a really big bear or gorilla.
First example people say that there is no such thing as bigfoot but many explorers and scientists say there is becauses I 've done research on bigfoot and there is more evidence to say there is bigfoot. For example explores and scientist have done many trips to many places to find bigfoot. Also bigfoot can be found in West Virginia and Florida and many other place around the world. Bigfoot is one of the hardest creatures that scientist and explorers had trouble looking for. Bigfoot is most likely found only in the woods and sounds like he doesn 't like to be seen by people. For example people believe bigfoot is real because they have seen documentaries
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Another reason that explores think bigfoot is a myth is because there hasn 't been no big and evidence to convince everyone that bigfoot is not a myth. On the other hand many explorers and scientist have claimed bigfoot is not a myth and is real, for example explorers have made trips and might have seen his habitat because it was very big place with big trees on top of each other and only such a beast can have big treas stacked on top of each other to form their habitat. In addition people that don 't believe in bigfoot say it and be someone who cuts down trees and the bears dragged them to form their own habitat to hibernate for the winter. Therefore, many people can have many details to support them selve that bigfoot is real or not. But on the other hand bigfoot could be real because more than half the world hasn 't been discovered and scientist are finding new animals and
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