Essay About Bill Of Rights In The Philippines

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Bill of Rights
This is the set of rights and privileges of the citizens stipulated in the Constitution. It is the protection of the Filipino people against the violations by the government. It is a charter of liberties for the individual and a limitation upon the power of the State.

The Importance of the Bill of Rights
1. it protects the citizen against the abusive power of the government
2. it outlines the what the citizens can do or cannot do
3. it marks the boundary between the citizens and the government
4. it is where the rights and privileges of the citizens are defined

Rights are classified as:
1. Natural Rights – those rights possessed by every citizen without being granted by the State for they are given to man by God as a human being created to His image so that
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Requisites for the existence of Double Jeopardy
1. The person has been brought to trial in court of competent jurisdiction under a valid complaint or information
2. He has been arraigned
3. The person has been convicted or acquitted or the case against him/her has been dismissed
4. He is being charged again of the same offense

Ex post facto Law – changes the legal consequences of acts committed or the legal status of facts

Characteristics of ex post facto law
• Relate to penal or criminal matters only
• They are retroactive in their

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