Bird Overpopulation Problems

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Imagine going to a park and you see so many birds in one area, do you ever wonder why? There are many problems with bird overpopulation, including there being so many funds states have to pay because of bird damage alone. Bird overpopulation has many problems including bird poop destruction and health hazards of bird poop. One humane solution for bird overpopulation is spikes in bird roosting areas. Scientist have found many solutions for bird overpopulation. The first huge problem involving bird poop, is destruction. The birds urine and poop are very acidic. The white component of the poop is called Uric acid. The low water level the birds have is what makes the poop so concentrated and damaging. According to the article “The Great Bird…show more content…
One example of humane ways to fix bird overpopulation is to place spikes on bird roosting areas. In the article The Great Bird Poop Disaster states, “ Placing spikes on window ledges, bridges, fences, and other areas where birds nest is an effective way to keep the birds away.” Bird control company spikes are both humane, and cost-effective. Another resolution to this issue is the common, birdhouses. In the article The Great Bird Poop Disaster states “ In Basel, Switzerland, a biologist named Dr. Daniel Haag-Wackernagel implemented something called dovecoting.” A dovecot is a large structure that’s used for birds nesting. It’s a great alternative for birds reproducing and nesting on top of any structure or building. 13 dovecotes were placed around New York City. Many pigeons prefer to nest in dovecots. Any eggs laid in the dovecotes were replaced with faux eggs to help control population. Within four years the city’s pigeon population had been reduced by half. With these humane solutions birds don’t have to suffer and neither do we. Around the world, cities are trying to deal with bird poop in all sorts of creative ways.” One thing that cities are doing is they are working hard to clean up the bird poop. According to the article, “ The Great Bird Poop Disaster”, “The good news is that if we are diligent about cleaning up bird poop, the damage—to us, at least—can be minimized.…show more content…
This problem can be major and minor. Scientist are still coming up with more and more humane solutions for this problem. The cause and affect chain is quite high on bird poop overpopulation. Anyone with a bird problem knows how annoying birds can be at

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