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9 Stories About Black Cats That Made Them Halloween Icons
The Icon Black Cat
For centuries, Black cats have never come up with an illegal or false level of Halloween Icon. This days, these type of animals are maltreated, hated and rejected by others of what they seems to be representing because in the past years, many culture’s stigma that follows these animals is extremely uncalled for. Like the average tabby, Black Cats surfer prejudice and danger especially when the month of October approaches for Halloween. Those who love animals or the rescue organizations can even take care of this particular pet in October.

History Of The Black Cats
The species of domestic cats have a long presence in tradition and superstition in cultures
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One of these stories about the Icon Halloween says that the Celtic Druids eventually came to be viewed as witches by the Church. It was believed that witches could shape-shift, and that they would usually disguise themselves as cats. Black cats were known to be witches familiars and are beings that aided witches in performing witchcraft.
It became the thought of everyone, that when the Halloween celebration comes to include the iconic “wicked witch,” the black cat was also included. However, black cats and witches remain popular Halloween costumes year after year which made them to be the Icon.
How Good Is Black Cats?
It should be noted that not all the cultural historical stigma of black cats is bad. In many other parts of the world they are indication of good luck in life as a whole, prosperity or luck in love. Black cats were favorites on sea-faring ships and as well seen as good luck on long voyages. They also earned their Icon as useful crew members as they kept rodents brought into existence with food rations in check. No matter the colors of which they posses, cats of any color have had a discrete presence in cultures from olden days to present day, having finally standardized their value not only as predators but as household
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