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You Should Know These Things about Your Blood Type!

Human can have one of the four existing blood type categories. Every different blood type speaks about the ancestors of that individual, which foods should be consumed and which exercises are best for the person’s soul, body and mind. The four major blood types are A – Agrarian, B – Bavarian, O – original hunter and AB – the newest blood type. People with AB blood type have best immune systems. There are also other 400 different subcategories of blood types and they determine the health profile of an individual. These different aspects also determine the path that the individual should take. In this article, you can learn the basics on how your blood type can help you understand your overall health better.
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They should avoid consuming coffee, spicy foods and legumes. They should also be careful to stay well hydrated, because dehydration is a common problem for people with this blood type.
• Blood type B – the best types of food for this blood type are grains, dairy products, tea, mutton, vegetables and fish. However, they must avoid foods full of preservatives and alcohol.
• Blood type O – fasting, meat, vegetables and fish are recommended to individuals with blood type O. however, these people must avoid over eating, processed foods and dairy products.
• Blood type AB – this modern blood type is able to digest all types of food effectively. However, they should stick to fresh and organic foods, since fried foods can drain their energy.
Personality traits according to the blood type
• Blood type A – people with blood type A are natural born leaders. They are efficient, well organized, as well as compassionate.
• Blood type B – these people love action. They are pretty friendly and flexible. They can be

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