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Best Body Building Secets Who Becomes a Body Builder, despite being over a hundred years old, body building has become very popular in the modern world. A majority of people around the world have tried body building at some point in their lives. Some for health,vitality and/or aesthetic purposes. Gym rats may not be aware that there are different types of body builders. Not everyone can achieve the same heights as others. Pros and Cons,there are 4 known types of body building. These are categorized according to the goal, gender and age of the individuals. There is professional body building, natural body building, female body building and teenage bodybuilding. Professional body building involves individuals who aspire to qualify, compete and win competitions. Contestants begin by joining amateur…show more content…
It is uncommon to find 13-year olds competing. Most shows, however, provide drug testing to protect the youth from using drugs to get bigger. Teenagers are encouraged to use the natural hormone surge in their bodies to gain muscle. Some of the genetic wonders of bodybuilding actually started as natural teenage sensations. The Body Types, there are 3 unique body types namely ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. Each type can compete in body building shows. The training, diet and rest regimen of each type vary since bodies develop uniquely from each other. There are variations or combinations of the types as well, such as mesomorphs with either endomorphic or ectomorphic tendencies. Physiques will vary in appearance depending on the body type. Ectomorphs can be described as individuals who have the tendency to lose muscle and fat quickly. These people have difficulty gaining weight and are usually thin-boned. Endomorphs have the opposite problem of gaining weight and fat easily, and having trouble getting rid of the

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