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Many people cannot fully recognize what the world has to offer, until they take a look through someone else’s perspective. As a matter of fact, this common phrase has become an increasingly common issue in today’s society. Most individuals simply stick to the “comfort zone” of the communities they belong in, without ever feeling the need to branch-out to explore the countless other cultures that make up the world. Often times, this behavior tends to lead to stereotyping and the misrepresentation of cultures unfamiliar to us. The Brazilian culture is no exception to this everyday social norm. After exploring the hidden truths behind the culture, I have discovered this: The cultural identity of the Brazilian community is far more complex and diverse than what is portrayed in society and the media.
One of the most important contributing aspects to a community’s culture is its history. Brazil was discovered by Pedro Álvares Cabral on April 22,1500. From that point on, the Portuguese ruled over this
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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, covering a total of 3.3 million square miles. It is composed of five regions that divide the country into the following: North, Northeast, Central West, Southeast, and South. The North is mainly composed of the Amazon Rain Forest, as well as numerous Indian reservations. The Northeast is the poorest region in the country compromised of a long coastline, yet a dry interior. The Central West is scattered with grasslands and savannas, making it the most remote. The Southeast the “heart of Brazil,” and serves as its main business and commercial center (Branco & Williams, 2006, p.15-26) Lastly, the South is a highly developed region, with strong European influences. Ms. Gabriela Rangel, a member of the Brazilian culture, further expanded on the idea of regional cultures through her experience growing up near the

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