Brazil Independence

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Introduction Brazil's independence takes place in a relatively short period of time. Which can be officially placed between February 18, 1822 and March 8, 1824, which, compared to other wars of independence in different parts of the world, we can say that it is smaller, and also comparing the way it is carried out After this independence, we can say that, although the conflict was not totally peaceful, it was a less bloody war, in comparison with the majority of the wars of the other Spanish-American countries. The most important issues about Brazilian independence, which takes place as a result of the Napoleonic wars, will be discussed. To begin to give a context to this event, I will begin by saying that the most important trigger for…show more content…
The blame is totally exposed to the neglect of Juan for the benefit of his Brazilian interests, since now he put this zone before Portugal itself. For the events that occurred, Juan is forced and against his will, to return to Lisbon in 1821, where he will later accept the future constitution drawn up by the courts of Portugal. At this point in history and very aware of the liberal and independentist climate that invades the colony they now face. The liberal revolution, echo of the Spanish revolution, called Portugal. King Juan, leaves in charge of his son Pedro, but not before suggesting that the best option for Brazil and mainly for them, would be to head the possible emancipatory movements that arise so that in this way they can ensure the permanence of the Braganza dynasty in front of Brazil. Extraordinarily calm, compared to the storms of the independence of neighboring countries, Brazil had, however, its internal problems. The Bay suffered a deep economic
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