Essay About Bread Riots

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The Richmond Bread Riot, which occurred on April 2, 1863, was one of the South’s most destructive civil disturbances during the American Civil War. Food, overcrowding, and an increase in the prices for basic necessities were especially taking a toll on the working class. A group of women who demanded to see Governor John L. Letcher were denied. The women regrouped toward town where they raided stores in search of food and other goods, resulting in a series of unfortunate events to transpire. Alan, Pell Crawford. "Richmond 's Bread Riot." American History 06 2002: 20-6. ProQuest. Web. 26 Jan. 2016. On April 2, 1863, in Richmond, Virginia, a mob raided the bakeries and stores in town, robbing them of their bread. People who were starving, turned toward protesting in order to have their voices heard. Soldiers were able to disperse the mob after threat of firing into the crowd. Alan provided in depth information regarding the Richmond Bread Riot, including how the riot begun along with the consequences that transpired. Given that the riots occurred due to the lack of food it is clear that the town…show more content…
The women, along with a few men ransacked throughout the town with one goal in mind, food. Many people had fled to Richmond, the price of housing along with other basic necessities such as food steadily increased. Suffering that occurred during the time of the Civil War led to many people to starve. Titus focused more on the viewpoint of the Confederate war clerk that witnesses the events transpire, rather than the intended audience. The journal article provided an inside source regarding the events that unfolded in Richmond that night. Titus did an excellent job incorporating different viewpoints to explain what exactly happened. Having the perspective of someone who witnessed the event provides the reader with the ability to be able to refer to their point of view when further researching and discussing the
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