Essay About Bullying In High Schools

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The condition of bullying case among high school students in Indonesia

Bullying happens among high school students frequently, is caused by a high sense of seniority and juniors at the school. The senior feels they are in power at the school. While the junior should be submissive and obedient to their seniors, and seniors are entitled to do anything to the juniors. It arises because there is a feeling, grade 3 high school seniors who have long inhabited the first class of high school whereas schools are new to the school environment. Finally innocence class 1 high school student was used by seniors, the results of which occurred late stab-bully on the grounds of seniority.
Bullying cases are often happening in a high school in Indonesia, not only in the nation's capital but also occurs in various regions. For example in 3 Senior High School in Jember, second grade of high school beaten for refusing invitation 3 high school senior class to enter their gang
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The impact caused from a case of bullying not only in physical but also psychological. According to Hilda et al (2006; in Anesty, 2009) explains that "bullying is not only impacting against the victim, but also against individual perpetrators, witnesses and social climate that will ultimately affect the reputation of a community."
The results of the study the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center Sanders (2003; in Anesty, 2009) shows that bullying can make a teen feel anxiety and fear, influence the concentration of learning in school and lead them to avoid school. If bullying continues for a long period of time, can affect the self-esteem of students, improve the social isolation, bring up the behavior of pulling away, making adolescents susceptible to stress and depreasi, as well as a sense of insecurity. In a more extreme cases, bullying can lead to teen do reckless, even able to kill or to commit suicide (commited
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