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What could be more beautiful and appealing to the eyes than a combination of arts and decorations used to write a couple of words or deliver a certain message? The branch of art which deals with written words in a certain beautiful manner is called Calligraphy. The word calligraphy is derived from the Greek word “kaligraphia”, which is a combination of two words that mean “fair and beautiful” and “to write”.
Calligraphy was first attempted by The Sumerians, around 7,000 to 8,000 years back, who were one of the first people to have ever lived on this Earth. They were located in East Asia, which is now known as Modern Iraq. Their writing system was ultimately unique and consisted of syllabic system, logophonetic and consonantal alphabetics,
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This system was founded by The Dravidians who arose in the Harappan area at around 2500 BC. This area is now known as northeastern Afghanistan. They had a very commercial civilization, full of trade transactions with many other regions, therefore they felt the need of inventing their own writing language as a method of communication. Their script of writing is so unique to the point that it can be differentiated even if it was in between a thousand other scripts.
In about 1600 BC, the Chinese culture came up with another form of pictographic writing system, which happened to be the last system which uses pictographic calligraphy in the early cultures and civilizations.
Later on, the styles of Arabic Calligraphy were further transformed, and instead of them being just a way of communication –writing verses of the Quran- they were turned into an art, this art is much more appealing to the eye of the reader. Other than that, the new styles gave Arabic an extravagant and sophisticated look that is much more engaging.
This form of art also consisted of many branches. These branches include the way the letters were written, whether they were angular or circular and whether it included integrated decorations or not. Also, most of the calligraphy styles were named after those who created them or after the dynasties in which they
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