Personal Statement: My Career Objectives

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Career Objective: My career objective is that I aspire to pursue a career that is exciting and dynamic where I can be a part of giving people positive experiences and memories. Due to my work placement, my career objective has changed in the sense that I’m less sure of exactly what industry/sector I would like to do this in. Things I’ve Learnt About Myself: 1. Through undertaking this work placement I learnt that I am very adaptive, a quick learner and I pick things up relatively easily. I think the fact that I take a lot of notes definitely helps me remember processes and procedures because I am a reading/writing learner as well as a hands-on learner, I have also found that I learn well through repetition, particularly when it comes to complex…show more content…
Networking with people in the industry will improve my chances of getting a job. It has brought to my attention by the placement that it is often about who you know rather than what. Also, everyone at my placement was very friendly which made me realise they’d make good industry contacts. I am going to try to connect to the people I met during my placement on a social and/or professional level. I will also try and gain additional contacts in the industry through industry events. 3. Taking part in development programs in the industry. During my time at the Crowne Plaza Hotel I learnt about one program called the IHG Future Leaders Program through someone who is currently doing it there. In the next 12 months I will do more research into this program as well as similar programs and possibly apply for some. 4. I need to work on developing a sense of self-awareness, particularly a stronger understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. My placement brought to my attention the fact that with my degree ending I will need to look for a full time job and do interviews. Knowing this is essential to distinguish myself. Over the next 12 months I will spend time thinking about what my strengths and weaknesses are, how I can improve on weaknesses and why my strengths are
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